Outdoor Blinds

Effectively regulate solar heat, light and UV rays with our external roller blinds, mounted outside and running down directly in front of windows and sliding folding / bi-fold doors of all sizes.


Enhance, protect and prolong the use of your terrace with our patio awnings forĀ  shade and shelter allowing you to enjoy the alfresco lifestyle all year round.

The Finest External Blinds, Patio Awnings & Louvered Roofs from

Caribbean Blinds

Sunburst have recently been appointed as Dealers in the North East of England for Caribbean Blinds who are the leading manufacturer and installer of external blinds, patio awnings and louvered roofs in the UK

Our stylish and practical patio awnings are perfect to enhance your terrace, providing shade from the sun and shelter from the elements. Our patio awnings also offer protection from dangerous ultraviolet rays, whilst the adjoining internal room stays cool and free from glare on even the hottest and brightest of summer days.

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External Roller Blinds & Outdoor Roller Blinds