Sandringham Shutters

Sandringham is an extensive and beautiful collection of made-to-measure shutters. The Sandringham range is available in different wood types to suit a variety of needs and budgets, a choice of five shutter styles and 117 painted and stained finishes and colours. Or you can choose to have your shutters painted to match your colour scheme by opting for one of thousands of custom colours.

Why use shutters?

Shutters are a stylish and versatile option, as they come in a range of colours and can be made to fit any size window or door. From vintage charm to contemporary minimalism, shutters bring an instant shot of laid back style into your home.

Santa Fe Shutters

Santa Fe Shutters emulates the beauty of wood through our Nevada range of HSPVC shutters. These meticulously crafted ranges are offered across our portfolio of shutter options: full height, tier-on-tier, café style or a track system.

Why you’ll love our shutters

Plantation Shutters are for more than just exquisite French cottages and farmhouses. They actively help to insulate your windows in the colder months. In fact, research by the English Heritage and Glasgow Caledonian University shows that shutters can reduce the amount of heat lost through windows by 62%.

Choose our shutters for a look that is timeless and elegant. Plantation shutters look equally at home in contemporary and classic interiors, and are available in a wide range of natural wood stains or painted finishes to suit your style and décor, the Nevada range comes in cost effective faux wood.

Effortlessly stylish and extraordinarily versatile, choose from slatted or solid wooden shutters, or opt for our waterproof designs which are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. We can make your shutters to fit any shape of window in any room of the home, and our custom colour service will match your painted shutters to virtually any shade. 


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Privacy and perceived security.

Particularly suitable for properties adjacent to streets, the lower louvres of a shutter panel can be tilted closed, whilst the top section louvres tilted open or indeed top panels in tier on tier shutters, can be opened right back. You can control the light in your property but your privacy is always maintained

Thermal and Noise Control

When the panel doors and louvres are closed the shutters provide a layer of sound insulation. The timber barrier insulates your room, keeping warmth in during the winter thus helping to reduce your heating bills. In the summer, opening your windows and keeping panels closed assists in keeping unwanted heat out, whilst allowing the air to circulate.

Investment and curb appeal.

Because interior shutters are now such a desired window dressing, you should consider them a sound investment for your home. They can disguise unsightly PVC windows and because they are a permanent fixture, they could help increase the potential price of your property.

Low maintenance and health benefits

Compared to more traditional window coverings, interior shutters require very little maintenance. An occasional quick wipe down will keep them clean. Dust does not collect on shutters in the same manner it does in fabric curtains and blinds. A build-up of dust can become a breeding ground for dust mites. Plantation shutters are perfect for those who suffer from allergies and want to avoid dusty environments.

Full Height Shutters

As the name suggests, these made to measure indoor shutters cover the full height of your window. A lovely, practical and elegant window covering, full-height shutters let you control the light and warmth in any room, as well as adding soundproofing, security and privacy.

Solid Door Shutters

Moving away from the iconic louvered shutters, we can also provide solid style panelled. These solid panelled shutters can cover your required windows or door, like the louvered shutters but with an overall different look and a more traditional way to dress a window. They cover the entire window are either completely solid, or partially solid or and partly louvered.

Cafe Style Shutters

Café style refers to al shutters that don’t cover the entire height of the window; they are situated at the bottom half of the window and don’t go the whole way up. Sitting in a 3-sided frame, on either side of the shutters and the bottom of your window, these shutters are perfect for window where you would like some additional privacy but without covering the entire window.

Shaped Shutters

Some of the most impressive project that we carry out, include shutter that are installed to special shaped windows or doors. Whether it’s an arched or angled window or even a porthole, shutters solutions can be the best way to bring out the best of tricky areas to dress. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a made to measure shutter to fit your shaped window, and bring out the best of the space without compromising the design of the window behind or the look of the overall area.

Tier on Tier Shutters

Like the Full Height style, the Tier on Tier style covers the whole height of the window. The difference between Tier on Tier, as the name suggest that there is a bottom and top tier of panels, completely separated at a certain point up the window (think stable door!).

Cafe Style Shutters

Ideal for rooms where total privacy is not required, café style shutters are fitted to the lower section of the window, adding an instant continental flavour.

Gliding Track Shutters

The perfect solution for large windows, patio doors and room dividers. Shutter panels glide effortlessly across a discreet track system facilitating smooth operation creating the ultimate focal point. Two track systems are available.

Shaped Shutters

The versatility of Sunburst Shutters enables shaped windows to be dressed using the Vermont range.

Full Height Shutters

Create elegance and a stunning finish with shutters designed to dress the full-height of the window. Functional, yet stylish window furniture for any home.

Tier 0n Tier

Using two sets of shutters, each tier can be operated independently offering complete light control. Tier-on-tier epitomises the look of understated luxury.

Choice of Products and Styles

Sunburst Shutters offers an exclusive range of paints and stains to suit every décor and taste. It’s important to take time considering the finish of your shutters, the vast majority of our customers purchase a ‘white’ painted shutter but stained shutters can make a design statement in a room.

Built to the Highest Standards

Using unique production methods, such as transverse multiple-ply stiles, Sunburst Shutter panels are unlikely to bow or warp. For added strength we use mortise and tenon joints that help minimise panel movement and hairline cracking of paint at the joint. For further protection, we engineer shutter panels with a grooved overlap to mask and absorb any joint expansions.


One of the most popular ranges as it makes a reliable and tough shutter, polymer coated MDF, suitable for almost any application, at an affordable price.


Made from premium hardwood, these Shutters extol the natural beauty of the wood and look fabulous in either stained shades or a smooth painted finishes.


A real wood shutter at a stunningly affordable price. Wonderful painted finishes combining hardwood panels with MDF frames to work well in any room.


Made with MDF frames and ABS louvres, which are extremely tough and durable, this range has the widest choice of stunning colours to tie in with any interior decoration.


This is a super lightweight, eco friendly Shutter with an attractive woodgrain or paint finish, making it ideal for tier-on-tier installations. Phoenix Shutters are even suitable for sliding doors.


This range is super hard-wearing, faux wood, impervious to heat and water, so it is perfect for bathrooms or other humid environments.

Ultimate light control

Our shutters are designed so that each panel can be independently adjusted to temper the light exactly as you like it. They give you complete control of your home, so you needn’t risk faded fabrics or need to draw the curtain or move from where you’re sitting because the sun is in the wrong place!

Energy Efficiency

Research has proven that installing internal shutters can have a beneficial energy saving on your home with a 58% reduction on heat loss*. Our shutter manufacturer is committed to offer the finest products that offer lower energy usage by effectively capitalising and filtering the intensity of the sun. Shutters are very effective at blocking and absorbing solar heat, resulting in lower home heating bills.


The hard wood from which our Shutters are crafted have been obtained from highly sustained forests.Careful consideration has been given to our natural environment, giving you peace of mind to fully appreciate our luxurious collection.
“I selected Sunburst to supply and fit my shutters because they offered a great choice in styles and colours, everything was done to perfection, would recommend the Sunburst Shutter Company everytime”. Alison B

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